Last updated 8/15/17 – Updated 5/31/18

The Wisconsin Figure Skating Club (WFSC), like most clubs, is run by and depends on volunteers to carry out club activities in a safe and cost effective manner. Accordingly, the club requires that all of its skating families contribute their time and talents to the operation of the club and conducting the events that support our Club skaters and the goals of the WFSC.

Volunteers are an integral part of the WFSC organization. Without the dedication and support of our members, the WFSC would not continue to operating and to provide services to our skaters and families.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Board of Directors shall appoint a club member as Volunteer Coordinator. The duties of this position include:

a) Assisting competition and show chairs in recruiting volunteers to fill various jobs for specific


b) Setting up volunteer opportunities within online tracking system

c) Providing volunteer sign up data to competition and show chairs and Board of Directors, as


d) Providing guidance and direction on any requests for volunteer compensation for anything

not defined by competition or show chairs and bringing to the Board of Directors for final


e) Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors

2) Volunteer Year

The WFSC Volunteer Year runs from July 1st through June 30th of each membership year. All Home Club members must fulfill 10 hours of volunteer work within the timeframe regardless of when they became a member. Introductory/First Year members do not need to fulfill volunteer hours but volunteer time is appreciated; However, if the Introductory member chooses to test a USFSA test at a WFSC test session, they are required to have an adult contribute at least 1 hour of volunteer time to the test session the skater is testing at.

Volunteer Requirements

a) Each family of a Home Club/Home Adult/Home Senior, is required to contribute a minimum of 10 hours per skater during the volunteer year, but should strive to complete up to 20 hours per family. These hours will be used toward the general operation of the Club and skater development. We also request that each family donate between 2-4 food items during the year (test sessions, Skate Milwaukee, Club sponsored events, etc.)

b) Volunteer hours shall be executed during Club approved events and activities. Examples of volunteer opportunities include WFSC test sessions, sendoff parties, exhibitions, WFSC Board of Directors participation, Skate Milwaukee, coach receptions, annual meeting and the banquet.

c) If a skater participates in a WFSC sponsored test session, an adult/parent must volunteer a minimum of 1 hour at that test session.

d) Excluded from the WFSC volunteer requirements are any subsequent volunteer requirements as defined by the Wisconsin Edge Synchronized Skating Club and the annual Red, White and Blades show, unless determined by the Board of Directors.

e) Serving on the Board of Directors or as a chair for a preapproved competition or show for a skating season fulfills volunteer requirements for that season.

f) Volunteer requirements are established as the minimum number of volunteer hours to be served by each member/family. The operation and success of WFSC depends on volunteers and the expectation is that members/families will serve more than the minimum set forth in this policy.

g) Coaches/officials and collegiate members are not required to, but are encouraged to, fulfill a minimum of 5 volunteer hours.

h) Associate members (except Synchro Only members) are required to fulfill 5 volunteer hours in support of WFSC.

Red, White and Blades Show Specific Additional Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer hours required for Red, White and Blades will be fulfilled through a separate commitment and not included as part of the required 10 hours in this policy.

Guidelines for Fulfilling Volunteer Hours

Generally, unless otherwise authorized by the Board of Directors, each volunteer hour will be approved based upon one hour of volunteer work. The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing and modifying volunteer hours. Volunteer hours will be recorded in ½ hour increments. The final volunteer hour count will be rounded up to the next highest full hour, if necessary.

Unless otherwise authorized by the Board of Directors, specific rules for achieving volunteer hours include:

a) All volunteer activities that are intended to be credited to fulfilling volunteer hours must be preapproved and be official club sponsored and endorsed business. To request approval of an activity to be considered for volunteer hours, a written request must be submitted to the Volunteer Coordinator. The Volunteer Coordinator will coordinate Board of Director approval, which is final and binding.

b) Serving as a chair for either a preapproved competition or show will fulfill all volunteer commitment for the skating season. Such positions are approved by the Board of Directors and are communicated by the Volunteer Coordinator.

Tracking/Recording Volunteer Hours

Announcements of opportunities and needs for volunteers will be communicated in Club email blasts, newsletters and online. The approved electronic system will be used to set up and record volunteer hours. In most cases, the chair of an event or the Volunteer Coordinator will record volunteer hours completed for members directly into the volunteer tracking system.

If not, the member is responsible for accurately entering volunteer hours completed for an event within 7 days of the completion of the volunteer activity or event (for competitions and shows). If not, the member is responsible for contacting the Volunteer Coordinator in writing with accurate volunteer hours completed for an event within 7 days of the completion of the volunteer activity or event.

Failure of a member to enter volunteer hours in a timely manner may result in volunteer hours not being credited.

Signup for volunteer hours will be managed through Signup Genius. Each event will include the required slots needed with a description of the positions.

BuyOut Option for Volunteer Hours

Members will have the option to “buy out” volunteer hours at the time of renewing or initiating membership for an amount of $20 per unfulfilled hour with the maximum of $200 per family. If a family chooses to Buy Out at the beginning of the membership year, they may do so by choosing a $200 donation that will be noted as a Volunteer Buyout. The system as of the 2018-2019 year has membership set to automatically charge for any un-fulfilled volunteer hours at a rate of $20 per hour.

Unfulfilled Volunteer Hours

A family who does not fulfill their volunteer requirement is required to pay the buyout price for any unfulfilled hours before the end of the skating season or they will not be allowed to participate in any upcoming WFSC sponsored events, such as test sessions, Club ice, RWB or Skate Milwaukee. In addition, failure to pay the buyout amount may result in the WFSC member being marked as “not in good standing” with WFSC and USFS.

Volunteer No Shows

Volunteers who sign up, but fail to report or fulfill their hours are VERY disruptive to an event. If a member cannot fulfill a volunteer commitment, no volunteer credit will be granted. A replacement volunteer should be found by the member and the Volunteer Coordinator notified of the replacement. If a replacement cannot be found, the Volunteer Coordinator should be notified with as much advance notice as possible. No show volunteers who do not notify the Volunteer Coordinator in advance or provide a replacement may be assessed extra volunteer hours at the discretion of the WFSC Board.