Updated WFSC Club Ice

EFFECTIVE December 3rd
The WFSC Board is committed to providing club ice on Thursday nights at Pettit. We are working on keeping costs at a minimum. Credit card fees and administrative fees add to this cost. Therefore we are changing our process to avoid these charges.
  • Club ice is from 4:45pm – 5:45pm
  • Pre-purchase rates and walk on rates will be paid with cash/check only
  • Skaters cannot use Pettit website to buy WFSC ice
  • Capacity is 22 skaters
  • Pre-payment option is only for WFSC members and associate members
  • Use the pre-payment form with your cash/check
  • Pre-payment form found on WFSC website: wifsc.com
  • Give your form to Olga, our rink monitor, with cash/check

Club 30 min. rate: $6.75 (pre-purchase)/$7.50 (walk-on)

Non-member 30 min. rate: $8.00 (walk-on)