Red, White, and Blades 2019 Ice Show

Show Information:

Show Dates:

May 10th (1 evening show) and 11th (2 shows – early afternoon and evening) at Mullett Ice Center. Exact times TBD.


Dress Rehearsal:  Thursday, May 9th at Mullett Ice Center in the early evening.

Tech Rehearsal:  Sunday, May 5th at Mullett provided lighting can be installed by then.  If not, it will be held Wednesday, May 8th at Mullett Center in the early evening. Exact times TBD.


Our goal is to hold practice at Pettit in April and early May.  Pettit will not schedule for spring ice until January but we have met with them and we should be able to get ice on Tuesdays and Thursday in the late afternoon/early evening and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  We expect most practices to be on the weekends. When you’re thinking about whether or not to sign your child up for the show, please think about whether or not he or she should be available on those days. There will be significantly less on-ice practice times this year so it’s important the skaters be able to make most, if not all, of the practices.


To be eligible for registration a skater must have PASSED at least 1 moves in the field test by 12/31/18.  Skaters who have not passed a moves in the field test will be eligible for the “Learn to Skate” number. Registration for the Learn to Skate number will be in January.  

Skater numbers:

There is little change from previous years regarding the amount of numbers each skater can register for and this is based on the last moves-in-the field test PASSED at the time of registration.  Though there is a maximum amount of numbers a skater can be in, he or she does not have to register for the maximum.  No skater can register for more than 4 numbers, including the senior number.  So if you are a senior in high school and register for the senior number, you cannot be in more than 3 other numbers.

A few questions we anticipate (please read):

Why is registration so early this year?

One of the goals this year is to make money. We expect that having more time to plan ahead will help us with this. If the coaches have more time to plan, we’ll need less practice ice and can get started on costume planning earlier so we can buy on sale or have time to get creative.  Also, by knowing early how many skaters we can expect in the show we can make some financial decisions because we will have a better idea of the budget we are working with.

What’s with the Leo/Shirt fee?

Another goal this year is to keep the show to a reasonable length and to avoid long waits between numbers while skaters change.  We are hoping most coaches will use a basic black leotard/shirt as the base of their costumes which will make changing quicker (and hopefully avoid skates needing to come off between numbers).  Your child will keep the leo/short being purchased and we hope that future shows will continue to use the leos/shirts so they don’t have to be re-purchased each year.

What’s with the down payment?

We need to start purchasing costumes and leos and to do that we need some funds coming in.  We also want a tentative commitment regarding who will be in the show so coaches can begin planning accordingly.  The down payment of $50 will cover the cost of your child’s leo ($20) and the other $30 will be applied to the final amount due in early or mid-February. You will be sent a bill for the amount due.

Will we know the practice schedue before the balance of the registation fees is due


What if our plans change and we can no longer due the show when it’s time to pay our balance?

We all understand stuff happens. If you decide not to do the show you will keep the leo or shirt that was purchased for your child and will not have to pay the balance due, but the down payment will not be refunded.

Can we just wait until February to register?


I am a collegiate/associate/adult member, can I still register!

Yes, you can!  But as was the case in previous years, “features” in the show will be given to our full club members.

I will only be skating with my Edge team.  What should I do?

If you are ONLY planning to skate with your team, please register for “synchro only”.  There is no charge or volunteer requirement for you to skate with your team.

What’s going to be different this year?

In many ways the show will run exactly as it always has, but some changes are being made in order to help us stay on budget.  This is more of a challenge than you’d think – Ice time is expensive! Some differences this year will be a reduced lighting budget, less practice ice per number, and a reduced amount of volunteer hours for families.

What?  Did I just read less volunteer hours?

Yep!  We realize that often the amount of volunteer hours required in the past was a challenge for many families.  However, the work still needs to be done! So while we are requiring less we are confident that you will all step up and help as needed to put on a great show for our kids and our guests!  We expect all parents to help out with their skater’s costumes and the weekend of the show! The volunteer requirement is 10 hours per family and one of those hours needs to be helping with setup and/or clean up.  If you would prefer not to volunteer, when you register you can “buy out” your hours for $200.00.

We would like to remind everyone that the primary goal of the show is for the skaters to have fun and to have the opportunity to show off for their family and friends!  We hope this is a positive experience for all the skaters, coaches, parents and guests!



1 number (Passed Pre-Preliminary or Preliminary moves or above)  Cost $100

2 numbers (Passed Pre-Juv moves or above)   Cost $140

3 numbers (Passed Juv moves or above)  Cost $170

4 numbers (Passed Junior moves or above)  Cost $190

Seniors (senior in high school and full club members):

Senior number only (Graduating in 2019 and full club member)  Cost $50

1 number plus senior (Graduating in 2019, full club member, and passed Preliminary moves or above).  Cost $150

2 numbers plus senior (Graduating in 2019, full club member, and passed Pre-Juv moves and above)  Cost $190

3 numbers plus senior (Graduating in 2019, full club member, and passed Juv moves and above)  Cost $220

Leo/Shirt Fee:  $20 – Charged to all skaters

Synchro ONLY skaters – no charge, no volunteer requirement: