Critiques with Judges and Technical Panel Officials

Your WFSC judges and technical panel officials have a wide range of expertise and are available to critique club skaters and teams – whether testing MIF/FS, competition programs, or technical elements. A critique is focused feedback about the skated performance or element to provide constructive input from the official’s perspective. A critique isn’t coaching and is never a ‘criticism session’.

Critique guidelines

•           Critique requests must come from coaches only

•           Email Charlotte Heidenreich with your request, including the following information: your timeline, level and discipline of your skater(s), what type of critique you are interested in – test, competition, judging, technical content, etc. If you have a specific judge or official in mind for your critique, please let us know.

•           An official will contact the coach to get more info and set up an agreeable time.

•           Have your skaters ready-to-go!

•           Critique Guidelines from U.S. Figure Skating – ‘Judges assigned to competitions or tests may not monitor/critique skaters registered to compete in the competition or test in the test session in which they will be serving on judging panels prior to the start of their assignment as follows’:

            1. Test: 15 days prior to the start of the test session

           2. Nonqualifying: 15 days prior to the start of the nonqualifying competition                     

           3. Regionals, Sectionals, Nationals: 30 days prior to the start of the championship