Skating Lessons

Lessons and practice are the core of learning to skate and improving your skills. Even a few lessons will make skating more fun, and safer, and improve your confidence. Though there are lots of different kinds of lessons, we can break them down into two big categories: Group Classes and Individual Instruction.

Group classes cover the range of skating from the first time on skates through advanced skaters. New skaters may want to participate in the U.S. Figure Skating series of classes that teach the fundamentals of figure skating. Advanced skaters may take classes in jumps, spins, power, ballet, or a wide range of other specialty topics. Most classes are on-ice, but many advanced skaters supplement their training with off-ice instruction as well.

If you’re just starting, consider enrolling in our Learn to Skate program which features group instruction. Through the WFSC Learn to Skate program offered at the Nagawaukee Ice Arena on Monday nights, you can progress through the U.S. Figure Skating classes.

Individual Instruction: As skaters progress, they may outgrow our group instruction programs. Fortunately, the Wisconsin Figure Skating Club has a number of excellent coaches available for individual instruction.

Our coaches have various specialties and represent a variety of expertise. If you are looking for a coach, we recommend that you speak with several coaches before you settle on one. You may find that as your skater progresses, their needs may change and the addition or substitution of a coach to meet those new needs will be needed.

Wisconsin Figure Skating Club does not recommend one coach over another, but we are more than happy to discuss your skater’s goals and abilities and put you in touch with several coaches who may match your interests. You can read all of their biographies on our Coaches Page. We do maintain a set of minimum standards for coaches and each coach’s application for association with WFSC is reviewed on an annual basis. You can read more about our coaching standards on our club policy page.