New Skaters


So, you’re interested in skating? There are different kinds of skating to match your interests and the time you want to spend on the ice. Skating is a sport that is available year round and is accessible to people of all ages and financial means. Figure skaters can compete individually and/or as teams at the club or collegiate level.

Wisconsin Figure Skating Club is dedicated to serving the needs of figure skaters in Southeast Wisconsin. No matter what type of skating you become involved in, the benefits will include improved fitness levels, new friends, and fun!

  • Recreational Skating: It’s all about having just what it sounds like. Skating for fun. You can skate it at a rink, on a pond, or wherever you can find a spot of frozen water. If you don’t have your own skates, you can often rent them at local rinks during public skating sessions. Skating is It’s a great family activity for all ages.
  • Figure Skating: Figure Skating is like gymnastics or dancing on ice. It has many different disciplines. Figure Skating can be divided and subdivided into groups of disciplines open to boys, girls, men, and women.
    • Moves in the Field emphasizes basic skills of foot direction and edge. It places high emphasis on mastery, control, and strength.
    • Freestyle is one of the popular forms of ice skating often seen in the Olympics or on television. It includes footwork, jumps, spins, and interpretation of music.
    • Pairs skating is Freestyle skated by two people together.
    • Ice Dancing is similar to pairs, but has specific rules that place emphasis on the interpretation of music through dance.
  • Synchronized Skating: The newest discipline of figure skating, synchronized Skating is a team of up to 20 skaters that skate with speed, elegance, and precision. Teams are based on age and skill level and can be co-ed. Wisconsin Figure Skating Club sponsors the Wisconsin Edge synchronized skating teams.

Wisconsin Figure Skating Club is sanctioned by the United States Figure Skating Association, figure skating’s governing body in the United States.