Tara Stamm
Judge and Technical Panel Official, WFSC Approved Coach
Email: taranicolestamm@gmail.com

Oak Creek, WI

Tara Nicole Stamm is an International Choreographer and National Coach. She is a Dancer, Movement Consultant, and Analyst. She has a Bachelor’s in Dance from the University of Wisconsin and a Master’s in Dance/Movement Therapy from Columbia College-Chicago. Tara is a USFS Technical Specialist in both Singles and Ice Dance. She is a 2-time USFS Gold Medalist in Ice Dance and Field Moves. She has been integrating her knowledge of Laban Movement Analysis with the sport of figure skating through SOMA: techniques specializing in how the body moves through time, weight, and space, to enhance the full body potential on the ice. She is an IJS components coach specializing in all 5 categories- and works closely with the athletes to educate, develop and improve their performance to maximize their scores. Tara is the Artistic Director of the newly formed company Ice Theatre-Milwaukee. She was a principle skater with Ice Theatre of New York and was the Founder and Artistic Director of Minnesota Ice Theatre. She also has a passion for working with skaters with special needs, and dreams of developing a Special Olympics figure skating team in the near future! Tara teaches ice dance, MIF, and choreography.

Email: taranicolestamm@gmail.com

Phone: 414-975-2096